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Our primary operation is the recycling (via export) of Japanese navigation units from NZ to Japan. We pay cash for your unwanted Japanese Navigation Unit, and send it back to Japan to be recycled and reused.

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  • We Buy Lots of Brands
  • Makes you cash

From New Zealand To Japan

We export a multitude of brands and give you good money in return for your Japanese Naviagtion Unit. We buy and sell your unit making the process fast and easy!

  • First of all simply Request A Price List from us. Our pricelist details which units we commonly buy and gives you an approximate price we’ll pay for your unit. If your particular Japanese Navigation Unit is not on our list please send us an email and enquire, it’s that easy!

    JAPNAVNZ can arrange courier pick up throughout NZ. We can take anywhere from 2-200 units at a time. Box weight must be 25KG or less. Our agents are on the ground in Auckland, Tauranga, and Wellington, with more areas coming soon!

    Our current customers trust us to test before payment as most don’t have the time to test themselves.

  • There are a number of services which we don’t provide like updating any units with NZ maps, or other Japanese to English conversions.

    At this stage we are aware that there are companies in NZ that are converting some factory type units to English menus and sometimes NZ mapping. However, the majority of Japanese Navigation Units cannot be changed to NZ format due to language restrictions or the units having to use Japanese based satellites to work properly.

  • If any of these faults occur we typically offer a lower buy price. If you are not happy with the price we’re offering you for your unit we will send the unit back to you at no cost.

    • CD Functionality
    • MD Functionality
    • Screen Open & Close
    • Sound Output
  • We are a New Zealand owned small business started in 2010 by two like-minded individuals. We saw an opportunity in the market and offer a premium service to all of our customers.

    Our primary operation is the recycling (via export) of Japanese navigation from NZ to Japan. Recycling is a far more environmentally friendly activity than what we have seen in the past with Japanese Navigation Units just becoming landfill.

We take the hassle out of this process and take care of the hard work for you!


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